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Friday, March 22, 2013

The World of Excitement and Fun at DREAMWORLD

Sometimes I believe that part of relaxing or releasing your everyday stress is by giving yourself a big thrill in rolling over up to the sky. Seeing the world upside down can be also exciting to the extent that you want to repeat all over again. This is my basic way on how I conquer my fears in heights and now I am learning to appreciate the feeling of doing something crazy from up above and fall. Giving yourself an adventure is something that you will put spice in your life. You will also realize and learn any different techniques and tactics when you want to ride in any amusement parks. It is now a big dream come true when I've experienced the world of happiness in Dreamworld

Located at 62 Rangsit-Ongkarak Road (KM.7), Thanyaburi, Pathumthani Thailand, Dreamworld has been divided into several zones such as Dream World Plaza, Dream Gardens, Fantasy Land and Adventure Land.  As usual I would really rather stay in Adventure Land which is my favorite of all times. Although one of my favorite is included in the category of Fantasy Land. I don't have any idea about the specific hectares of this land but then it is still very wide that whole day tour is not even enough especially if you want to do other more things. 

At an early morning of 7:30 which is the time that I woke up, I didn't really eat for breakfast to get ready for the adventure of roller coaster and other thrilling rides in Dreamworld. Because if I am full chances are I might throw up or suffocated while inhaling for the upside down of the rides. I've only drunk milk so that my stomach won't be really that so empty. Joy, which is the owner of the apartment that we are staying and the niece of my Uncle which is the brother-in-law of Papa was the one who brought me to the Dreamworld by driving her own car. She actually don't have any idea where specifically the Dreamworld is so it was her first time to hear that kind of amusement park. As we went to the place, Joy have given me a mineral water and gave me a warning that I should not receive any bottle of water from strangers since it is dangerous, which indeed, I really listened to her advice. I went straight ahead inside the information office located in front of Dreamworld which is near the entrance. I paid BHT 650 rides all you can but it excludes the Snow Town and Go Kart. This is my second time to make my own adventure in amusement park just like what I did in Universal Studios of Singapore. The difference was that I was not able to bring my camera during that time because I don't have any idea of leaving the things while I am still on the ride. But now of course I want a souvenir that is why I brought my digital cameras to capture the world of happiness. I also want to share with you how does the place looks like and my criticisms about the experiences of taking those rides inside the Dreamworld.

Feel the ROMANCE of your dream come true in the most Fabulous Cultivated 

Can you imagine a venue where you can express your true love with your special someone and even courting a lady you want to be with for the rest of your life or proposing marriage to her? Would you also want to celebrate your monthsaries, anniversaries and other more precious moments with your love ones in a place that captivates your eyes and heart? Show your love and cheesyness with your special someone at the Love Garden of Dreamworld. The garden has bunches of different kinds of flowers and even the floral heart creations where you can also feel the beauty of nature and its ambiance. This can be a perfect place to make your moments colorful and memorable. Just be careful if there will be ants rolling over your body because of the sweetness to your one and only love.

Though I am not a person who is an avid fan of flowers but I really appreciate the beauty of this Love Garden because of its creativity which is innovative and unique for me. I believe this can attract the amusement park goers even if they are into adventures after all. If you are a kind of person who is into garden then you must get an idea from the Love Garden of Dreamworld where your fantastic imagination will become true.

I was able to see the different soon to married couples who are taking their pre-nuptial pictorial and most of the soon to be bride are already wearing their wedding gowns and suites for the grooms. Unlike in the Philippines most soon to be wed couples that I've seen for pre-nuptial pictorial are not yet wearing their wedding gowns and suites, most of the time they are just wearing casual clothes. 


This is the first ride that I have taken expecting there will be a big thrill on this roller coaster because my favorite part of riding a roller coaster is when my feet are hanging in the air. The appearance of the Sky Coaster reminds me of the Battle Star Galactica of Universal Studios in Singapore. So as my usual routine when riding a roller coaster I really took off my sandals to feel the air. Unfortunately this roller coaster is not giving me a thrill at all because it doesn't have a loop wherein you are going to roll over upside down and yet you would not fall at all. 


The new attraction of Dreamworld in which it will travel around 7 storeys high into the air that will swing up to 35km/hr and spins you in 360 degrees. By the time that I fall in line here before noon time there were only a few people and we are still waiting for other people to fall in line. But then since we have been waiting for a couple of minutes, that is the time we were already seated on the Tornado even if we are just a few people who are going to take that ride. Since the noon time is approaching during that time the seats were very hot like we have been putting in the oven. I just took off my sandals again as what I did in roller coaster just to feel the air.  I have to admit that I became a little bit dizzy when riding this Tornado but I still enjoy it because as I didn't close my eyes, I feel like seeing the world turning around upside down. I will tell you that this is one of the most exciting rides that I have taken to the point that you will never forget. I am already happy that I have taken one ride which has a big thrill which is worth. Riding here is a big MUST for you to complete your day.


If you want to take a bath from the big waves then the Super Splash is really for you. At first I hesitated to take this ride because I am wearing my usual outfit although I still have my extra shirts. After seeing  the group of people who are being wet after their ride even the group of friends who were wearing just the trunk shorts and other girls are on their swimsuit that is the time I have this second thought if I should take this ride first. When I saw some tourists who are holding the coat I asked if where did they get that. I went to the counter and saw the price which is BHT 30. Since I left my bag at the counter of information center which is located in front of the entrance of this Dreamworld that is the time I didn't continue to ride and get my bag first so that I can get my wallet to rent a coat. By the time that I am ready to take a ride unfortunately there was a person already in front in which I want to be seated so I have no choice but to be seated in the middle row. The rail was really high that will fall into a big splash. As I am falling down then I do the inhale, I felt the splash but good thing the coat I am wearing was really effective because I didn't really get wet like I have taken a bath. Unlike other people that I have seen in which they weren't wearing a coat they really became wet like you thought they went on swimming or they have taken a bath. It is up to you but for me you must be wearing swimming attire so that you can really feel the splash like you have taken a bath. After my ride I have seen myself in the photo booth that my facial expression was not in proper that I am obviously inhaling. LOL! That is the time I've decided to smile all the time after this ride.


Another ride that you are going to get wet but not that much compared to the Super Splash though there will be a falls that you are going to be passed by that is why you will be getting wet too. Seating on a raft that is for 8 persons, this ride is exciting too as it turns around into water rapids. I was with students by the time I've ridden on a raft but of course I don't know them at all. I was wearing my coat too that I've rented and used in Super Splash that is why I didn't get wet too.


As much as I still want to ride another thrilling ride which was hurricane but then I can't handle my hunger anymore that is why I've decided to eat my lunch inside the restaurant called Food Time. I have chosen the Haiananese Chicken for my meal since I am still afraid to choose others because it might be too much spicy. I only paid BHT 50 for the complete meal with soup. Then I bought the drinks that surprisingly there is Fanta drink so I have chosen the strawberry flavor. When I've seen the condiments of spices and there were vegetables like bean sprout and herbs I am hesitating to get it because I might be charged for another amount. That is why I asked first the crew or the cook if I can get that for free. They told me that the condiments are free and I can get whatever I want so I took the opportunity to get as many as I can like my vegetable salad. I really feel so tired, hungry and thirsty that is why I stayed here first for a couple of minutes. I became so full from my lunch that I felt sleepy. Because of the spices that I have eaten I forced myself to buy more drinks like the organic tea.


Expecting that this will be exciting movie that you would feel you are part of it but unfortunately not in my case that I get bored because I thought it is like a screen that you are going to ride and bring you to the scene. I just can't understand what is it all about but it is just seats with harness then I thought it would move in different ways but that is just only a bit up and down then there will be air that comes out as part of special effects. I can't also see the point of turning all the lights off that I thought there will be horror scene that will make us scream. But it is just an object that comes out or even a prop. I am totally expecting something more thrilling about this 4D adventure I just went here because it was cold inside. I didn't have fun here inside.


Adventure in the dark is really fun but this is not a horror attraction that somebody or some props will scare you. It is just that you won't be having any idea where to go and what are you going to do next while riding the coaster inside the space mountain. It is just an indoor attraction in which it is dark inside. As usual people are screaming while enjoying the ride but in my case instead of screaming with them I am just smiling because I know there is camera that will capture the moment. So while I am inhaling when the coaster is falling down I just keep on smiling. It is not so scary in the first place but I can still feel the thrill and excitement.


I really waited for the time that I am going to watch the live action which can be usually seen in any films, movies and television. I also want to witness the shooting in real life on how they are going to make a twist on props. In fairness I've learned and realized about the sound effects and the body movements that will look real on screen like they are really fighting for each other. There is a wet zone which is I was about to sit there but then I have been thinking otherwise that I must transfer or else I will be also wet including the things I am bringing to I've decided to transfer. While the play is going on the post have fallen into the water in which it made splash towards the audiences that is why some of them got wet. I am not 100% satisfied with the acting skills of other performers but of course I still enjoy the show. I still have this feeling that there are still far better than this but it could be in other countries already. The show every weekday will be only at 2:30pm while on a weekend it has 3 sessions where there are 12:30 noon, 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm. This is 20 to 25 minutes that you are going to watch this Hollywood live action.


While on my way going to another attraction it just so happened that there was a rope in which the portion of the way was closed to give way for the parade. I am glad to watch the parade of Dreamworld because it is my first time to see the parade inside the amusement park as I haven't seen it before even in Manila that I am currently living. I am sure that kids will love and enjoy this kind of parade because of the dancing Princess and mascots. There are different characters that I've seen here during the parade.


This is just small horror attraction that you will see the scary objects or props that will scare you while walking along the isle. I just went inside for me to relax and rest because I know it is already cold inside since there is already an air conditioned. This is for me to get ready for the next thrilling attraction. As I entered this Haunted Mansion there were group of friends in front of me that most of them are girls. They were hesitated of who is going first because expecting the fact that this is really scary for them. They were screaming all the time like shaking. I almost want to capture them with my own camera but then because it is a bit crowded I wasn't able to get it. I just walked with them and go with the flow. I have seen other tourists who are bringing their kids then they will end up crying. So don't ever forced your kids to enter inside the horror mansion even if you are carrying them or hugging them so tight as this can be really traumatic experienced for themselves. There is always a right time for them to conquer their fears.


Finally I think I can have one last thrilling ride after I've eaten my lunch which I am sure my body system won't react that hard since I am not that so full anymore. It is time for me to roll over up to the sky all over again. I've taken the seat in the middle of the front row, well not so middle but at least I can view the surroundings very well. While the big thrill is going on I am totally enjoying on how this ride spins you all over then toss you up above. I was smiling again here although I didn't go to the photo booth already since I am in a hurry. This is one of my favorite rides here in Dreamworld aside from the Tornado.


I've tried to ride here to see if I can capture the Sky Coaster above with a different view but then I wasn't able to do that because you need to step on the pedal so that the car can go. This is just a slow motion ride in which kids are also strongly recommended to take this ride so that they can feel they are driving. There is a rail under so you don't have to worry about it as long as you should be careful that you are not going to bump the other car that is in front of you, so don't make it so fast.


As I thought I would be picking up here around 5:00 pm I am hesitating again to take another ride because it is already 10 minutes before the agreed time. But then Joy called me up on the mobile phone that she lends me then she informed me that she will be the one who will pick me up from here instead of art that is why she will be coming later than 5:00 pm. Of course it is a big favor on my part and that is the time I took the opportunity to take another ride which is Cable Car.  I haven't experienced yet to ride the cable car so I tried except when I was young in just small amusement park which I think it was only for kids and it was indoor. Unlike here I was able to see the half part of the Dreamworld in which I became busy to capture the place by using the video. I have no companion so the cable car is mine. I am now relaxing and taken a deep breath after taking the most thrilling rides.


This is the last ride that I have taken to see the other side of Dreamworld. I was able to see the other things that I haven't seen during my busy times of taking rides. This is just the ground part view of the Dreamworld that roams around. Children are strongly recommended to take this ride so that they can enjoy the different views of the amusement parks and of course this is safe for them.

There are other rides that I still want to take though unfortunately it was already closed because the closing time of the amusement park itself is approaching. As I have noticed, I never missed to go in amusement parks in all the countries that I have been for the third time around. I am still hoping that I can still travel around the world and visit the most popular amusement parks of the world for me to have a great adventure.